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March 2017
20: Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa Updated Renovations Schdedule
07: Announcing Smile Service ~Grand Palladium Riviera Maya, Punta Cana ~
01: Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa Renovations
February 2017
24: Palladium Puts Emphasis on Sustainability
23: Palladium to Spend $21 Million on Hotel Upgrades in Mexico, Caribbean
18: Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa Receives Blue Flag Award
15: Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres, Mexico Opening Late 2018
14: Hekab Be Biblioteca de Akumal Wish List 2017
January 2017
13: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa Coming Soon Royal Suites (Formerly Riviera Resort)
November 2016
12: Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2016
June 2016
20: Renovations Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa
02: Grand Palladium Riviera Nayarit Spa & Complex. What's New!
02: Grand Palladium Resort & Spa Jamaica Complex Renovation Updates
May 2016
31: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya, MX Renovation Schedule
March 2016
07: Palladium Hotels & Resorts
February 2016
06: Palladium Hotel Group Announces New Construction In Mexico
02: Newly renovated rooms at Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton
January 2016
31: Uncertified tour guides at Tulum ruins causing numerous complaints
31: Fee proposed to take photos inside Tulum ruins
30: Zika Virus in Mexico (November 2015)
28: Grand Palladium News ~3,000 suites in Playa Mujeres, Mexico~
27: Carnaval ready to roll in Merida, Cancun and elsewhere in Peninsula
November 2015
13: Grand Palladium Palace Resort Spa & Casino ~ New Features~
13: Updates Grand Palladium Riviera Maya and Article On Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa
October 2015
30: Riviera Maya Jazz Festival ~
August 2015
21: Campamento Tortuguero "Kantenah" Grand Palladium Resort, Riviera Maya, MX
July 2015
28: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya ~ Sargassum ~
21: Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa Housekeeping Department and Renovations
April 2015
29: Grand Palladium Palace Resort Spa & Casino Renovations
24: Palladium Hotels & Resorts Favorite Hotel Award 2015
18: Grand Palladium Rivier May ~ Prestigious "2014 Award of Excellence ~
13: A Royal Getaway to Palladium Resorts
March 2015
28: The Grand Palladium Imbassaí Resort & Spa has been awarded with the "HolidayCheck Award 2015"!
25: Special Guest at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya ~Desiré Cordero, Miss Spain 2014~
February 2015
10: Grand Palladium Resort Jamaica Resort & Spa
January 2015
22: Earth Check Award
October 2014
17: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa Earth Check Gold Certification
14: The GrandPalladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa has been awarded with the EarthCheck Gold Certification! PalladiumGreen
September 2014
08: 12TH Annual Jazz Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
07: The Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa has been awarded as "Top Hotel Partner 2014"
April 2014
25: Luis Arzapalo Loria and Miguel Armando finalists of the cusine
18: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa y Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa
March 2014
21: 2014 Is the Year of Zumba in Playa del Carmen
January 2014
16: Food Allergies and Disabilty / Accessability VIDEO
November 2013
20: New Check-in Staircase for Children
20: Travelife Gold Award ~Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa Complex
11: Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2013
October 2013
21: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa Complex Golden Appel Award
September 2013
06: Palladium Hotel Group signs an agreement to collaborate with UNICEF's Balearic Committe on the rights of children
06: Palladium Hotel Group and Hard Rock International join forces to develop a new hotel complex in Ibiza
June 2013
12: Help Bring Music To The Kids Of Hekab Be This Summer!
05: The following Palladium Hotel Group's properties have been awarded with TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence 2013.
May 2013
22: Palladium Hotels & Resorts is excited to announce our new partnership with the Emmy Award winning, live action series Raggs!
March 2013
03: Palladium Weddings & Zentropia on Facebook
February 2013
28: Second Annual Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival
January 2013
22: Palladium Hotel Group creates a new APP that turns print materials into virtual experiences
08: Congratulations! Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa Holiday check award 2013
03: ~ BMP Festival ~ Playa del Carmen January 4/13 2013
November 2012
11: New handicap access at the palladium resorts in Punta Cana, Riviera Maya and Jamaica
10: Hekab Be Biblioteca de Akumal Wish List
06: Holidaycheck awards “Quality Selection” certificates to 17 hotels & resorts
October 2012
29: Fiesta Hotel Group announces its rebranding to Palladium Hotel Group
05: Riviera Maya Resort & Spa Awarded TUI Environmental Champion Award 2012
05: Palladium Hotels & Resorts and The Royal Suites by Palladium Awarded Certification
September 2012
21: Dominican Fiesta will house the first private paddle club in Santo Domingo
10: Karen Bussen's Simple Stunning Weddings now available in Riviera Maya and Punta Cana
August 2012
27: Riviera Maya Golf Club Exclusive Rates
01: Zentropía Palladium Spa & Wellness
July 2012
19: Spa at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa Complex will be managed by Palladium Hotels & Resorts
19: Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa 2012 Earthcheck Silver Certification
June 2012
04: Certificate of Excellence 2012
May 2012
30: Sneak Peek! Future renovated rooms Grand Palladium Kantenah and Royal Suites Yucatan
28: Grand Palladium staff association in Jamaica assists workers
20: Grand Palladium Bávaro Resort & Spa offers “family friendly” rooms
20: Club Mobay offers guests of the Grand Palladium Resorts a special VIP lounge at the airport.
April 2012
18: Latte art in Palladium Hotels & Resorts
March 2012
31: Renovations Update Grand Palladium Kantenah and Royal Suites Yucatán
29: Palladium Addict 7th Annual Get Together ~ Coming Events at a Glance~
03: New Feature: Live Music Royal Suites Turquesa Main Pool
February 2012
24: Hekab Be Biblioteca de Akumal
January 2012
24: The Royal Suites by Palladium: enjoy our suculent seafood delicacies for free!
20: Playa del Carmen Tequila Festival January 26th - 29th
09: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for January 2012 Now Available!
04: Fiesta Hotel Group Dominican Republic fights against sexual exploitation of children
04: Travelife Gold Medal Awarded to Grand Palladium Riviera Maya in Mexico and Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort and Spa.
October 2011
25: Hekab Be Biblioteca 2nd Annual Race Against Cancer!
17: Grand Palladium Resort & Spa Riviera Maya Received "Travelife Gold"Award!
03: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for October 2011 Available Now!
September 2011
28: Palladium Addict Suggestion Thread Updates!
14: Grand Palladium Resorts in Jamaica awarded Earthcheck Silver Certification for environmantal practices
01: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for September 2011 Available Now
August 2011
29: Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2011
29: Hekab Be Biblioteca, Back to school wishlist!
05: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for August 2011 Available Now
01: Grand Palladium Smart Phone App Update!
July 2011
27: Grand Palladium Punta Cana, International Day of Protection of the Mangroves Ecosystem
21: Merengue Festival Santo Domingo July 29- 31
15: Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa work in progress
05: 4th Annual Whale Shark Festival in Isla Mujeres, Mexico
June 2011
30: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for July 2011 Available Now
30: Grand Palladium Jamaica Receives Award
14: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for June 2011 Available Now
May 2011
30: Tips for 1st time visitors to the Dominican Republic
19: Palladium Magazine Spring/Summer 2011
11: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for May 2011 Available Now
11: New Family Friendly Survey
05: Brand NEW POP Vallarta Video
April 2011
30: Palladium Continues to Grow in Leaps and Bounds!!
19: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for April 2011 Available Now
March 2011
14: Internet Available for Purchase in all rooms Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa
12: Palladium Addict Sixth Annual Get Together ~ Coming Events at a Glance~
05: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for March 2011 Available Now
01: Ongoing & Upcoming Events at Hekab Be Biblioteca de Akumal
February 2011
23: Special Offer 30% Books for Puerto Vallarta Until March 4th 2011
20: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for February 2011 Available Now
05: Palladium Addict Suggestion Box
January 2011
13: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for January 2011 Available Now
13: Sweet Dreams at The Royal Suites Yucatán and Nayarit Rivieras, Mexico
11: Photo Pro Photographers
November 2010
21: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for November & December 2010 Available Now
18: Hekab Be Biblioteca de Akumal Fundraiser
16: Palladium Travel Club Privileges
11: Congratulations Fiesta Hotel Group
05: Hoteles ecológicos en Punta Cana
October 2010
29: Distintivo H Certification
23: WTM World Responsible Tourism Day
20: Underwater Photo Contest in the Mayan Riviera.
02: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for September and October 2010 Available Now
September 2010
23: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Hosting 2010 World Cup PADEL
22: The Grand Palladium Punta Cana Receives Awards!
22: The Palladium Olympics have arrived in Punta Cana!
21: Silver Green Globe Award and Travelife Gold Level
August 2010
24: Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Tulum
09: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for July and August 2010 Available Now
July 2010
30: Palladium Resorts offering new dining concepts
22: Palladium Magazine Spring/Summer 2010
14: ♫♫ - Reggae Sumfest 2010 - ♫♫
04: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Hosting 2010 World Cup PADEL
04: Punta Cana Palladium Addict Fiesta
June 2010
14: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for May and June 2010 Available Now
14: Whale Shark Festival 2010 Isla Mujeres
14: ♫♫ - Reggae Sumfest 2010 - ♫♫
09: Caribbean Weather
02: Orphanages, Charities in Jamaica
May 2010
24: The Jungle Place
20: Hekab Be Biblioteca Library Summer course 2010 Wishlist
19: Puerto Vallarta prepares for turtle hatchling
14: Cooking Classes for Curious Travellers
12: New! Segways at the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa
April 2010
12: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for April 2010 Available Now
08: Abel Matutes Prats, nominado a los premios 'Hall of Fame Young Manager and Young Entrepreneur'
06: Palladium Addict Get Together ~ Coming Events at a Glance
March 2010
31: SkyService Airlines Out of Business as of this Morning
28: Palladium Addict Bracelets
22: Earth Hour 2010
20: Hekab Be Biblioteca de Akumal Library Fundraiser!
19: Grand Palladiums Hotello Award
15: Punta Cana Carnival is coming to town!
12: The Palladium Addict Amazing Race "Treasure Hunt" April 29th
12: Update! The 5th Annual Palladium Addict Get Together
07: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for March 2010 Available Now
February 2010
10: Punta Cana Meet and Greet was a huge success.
02: Fiesta Palladium Addict Newsletter for February 2010 Available Now
January 2010
19: Canada - Mexico travel requirements change March 1, 2010
December 2009
07: The 5th Annual Palladium Addict Get Together
06: Palladium Addict New Site Design
05: Punta Cana Palladium Addict Fiesta
04: New Palladium Addict Wedding Forum and Palladium Weddings Website.

Palladium Travel Club Privileges

Dear all:

First of all let me introduce my self, some of you might know me, but some others don’t. I’m Sergio Zertuche, Palladium Travel Club General Manager, After reading all you concerns or doubts (which I appreciate your feedback) about the Palladium Travel Club Privileges, let me explain to you better about our programs, the benefits and all your privileges as a members.

We do have different types of memberships, because we want to offer you a program that fits better your needs, there is some members that like to travel few weeks per year, or another ones that travel just one week, theres some of you that you always travel with your kids and other that travel without kids, but, I can tell you that pretty much “ALL” the members has the same benefits (presidential members has a little bit more) when you are staying in any of our resorts.

The main difference between the memberships are:

  • Access (type of rooms where you can book or stay at as a member, and Resorts as well, like access to Royal or Not)
  • Membership expiration (2, 5, 10, 30 or 50 years)
  • Amount of Palladium Weeks
  • Amount of RCI Weeks
  • Amount of Benefit Weeks (Free Weeks)
    The combination of all this factors determine the type or kind of membership

What about the benefits?

Members of the Palladium Travel Club may enjoy a wide variety of exclusive benefits:
1. Preferential, all-inclusive rates for all of our participating destinations (best rate guarantee by contract)
2. The chance to travel all over the world to one of the 4,000 affiliated destinations in over 100 different destinations
3. Total flexibility
4. Absolute priority in reservations in our complexes
5. Flexible use of membership for families and friends
6. Exclusive and personalized treatment for members before, during and after their vacations
7. Special promotions for members only Benefits

As the annex of your contract say:

In addition, Club members receive other exclusive benefits when traveling to our hotels and resorts that will allow them to experience a most enjoyable trip.
Benefits include:

1. Concierge service prior to arrival
2. Concierge in the resort
3. Preferential access to the thematic, a la carte restaurants
4. Preference with room requests (subject to availability, but you have to be sure that we will do the impossible to assign you the room that you are requesting)
5. Preference with non motorized water sports requests
6. Reservation rights in the thematic, a la carte restaurants (unlimited during your stay)
7. Private Check-In
8. Special, members only bracelet to be identified in the Hotels & Resorts
9. Welcome Gift (with a minimum stay of 7 days)
10. Nightly turn down service
11. Transportation Airport-Resort-Airport
12. Tour of the Resort
13. Fruit basket
14. Welcome bottle of wine, tequila or rum
15. Birthday or wedding anniversary dinner
16. Coupons for a 20% discount on the SPA
17. Palladium Dollars to spend on extras

Royal amenities staying at Grand Palladium?

The programs are design to give you all the flexibility when you travel to our resorts, so, for that reason you will pay the preferential all-inclusive rate depending the type of room and hotel that you prefer to stay at. May be this time you are traveling with your kids, so you will pay the Grand Palladium rate, maybe next time you want to celebrate your anniversary only you and your husband, If you have the kind of membership that gives you access to Royal Suites, you will pay the royal rate, of course you will enjoy all the amenities of Royal Suite, plus the members benefits that I just mentioned.
So Royal amenities are for members that ara staying at Royal and members that are staying at Grand Palladium cant have the Royal amenities. As you can see in the contract there is none “room service” benefit or “golf cart” benefit or “jardin or royal pool” benefit, all those is when you stay in Royal.

Why the confusion?

Because there is a lot of people that they don’t know nothing about our product Royal Suites, so when they join the Club, we put to all our new members for the rest of their stay a members band or bracelet (the black one) that gives them access to Royal, even if they are staying in Grand Palladium in order to give them the chance to “taste” or know more about what is feel like staying in Royal Suites instead of Grand Palladium, but we do tell them, (in fact they sign a letter) that even if for the rest of their vacation they can go to the Jardin and to the Royal Pool or Royal Section at the beach, they know and agree that we can not give them the room service and the golf cart service because the fact that they are staying at Grand Palladium, but, next time when they come, IF they book in Royal they will have all of that, plus the members benefits.
Just to let you know, in order to avoid more confusions or doubts we are not doing this anymore, members staying at Gran Palladium will have always their blue bracelet (unless is a Presidential member, gold) and members staying at royal suites will have their black bracelet.

When do you pay your stays?

When you arrive and do the check in our resorts, of course, if you are using one of your benefits weeks, you wont pay nothing¡¡¡

So If I don’t have the Royal amenities (golf car, Jardin, pool, room service) when I’m staying at Grand Palladium, what are my main benefits then??

  • As a member we guarantee you the best rates that you can find in the market (is in the contract)
  • We will take care of all your vacations (reservations, pick up at the airport, a free tour, palladium money, reservations at the specialty restaurants, etc.)
  • Premium drinks in the beach bar (la Jarra)
  • You will have a personal concierge taking care of all your needs during your stay at the hotel
  • Discounts in Hotel Beds tours (Riviera Maya by the moment)
  • Discounts in the SPA
  • Access to the members services lounge with free Internet.
  • Free Golf rounds (if apply, just have to pay 75USD obligatory car fee)
  • Much more..

What about the special offers during the year?
As you might know, when you get your membership we give you the rates that is going to apply during the year, those rates is the “maximum” price or reference that you can pay as a member, however during the year we will have promotions to offer you or discounts in the rates that we give you when you bought. We are working in our Web Page, because pretty soon you will have that offers in the Web, in the mid time we try to do our best in sending you newsletters and emails with this information, but please, do not hesitate to contact us or call us (1-800 toll free) to quote your vacations for some specific season, resort, or whatever need that you might have.
To give you some examples, during this year we had most of the time the 20% off and kids free, in September and October we had the Last Adult free promotion (50% off).
Another benefit that you might know as a member, is that the first Kid is Free and also the age for the Kids is until 13 years old instead of 12 years old, like the rest of the market or travel agencies or for the people that don’t join the club.

Remember the flexibility of our program where anyone of your relatives or friends can use your membership, and also our referral program where you can get one free week if some of your friends or family buy a membership.

Dear members, Palladium Travel Club represents another way to travel, where we just want to take care of you during all your vacations and make this experience unique.

You guys are our founder members and I want to thank you for trust in us, every day the Club is growing (500 members so far in only 11 months of operations)and we are doing our best to add more value to your membership.

Palladium Addict Travel Club Forum

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you any doubt about your membership, write us a email to or call us
Contact the Palladium Travel Club:

From USA: 1 877 296 9330

From Canada: 1 877 287 0724

From Mexico: 01 800 836 7256

From Europe: +52 984 873 4801

Fax: +52 984 877 2120

Hope to see you soon, I’m looking forward to see you and know you better, my office is at Riviera Maya.

By the way, I love to play Golf, I’m will be so happy to have the chance to play with all the members that like to Golf…

Kind Regards,

Sergio Zertuche
Palladium Travel Club
General Manager Sergio Zertuche
Palladium Travel Club
General Manager

Posted by: Brenda

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