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Food & Beverage

Photo Courtesy of Shawn

Buffet Restaurant Hours

New dining experience, featuring 2 different types of Buffet’s. Guests can go to Tikal one day and the next to La Hacienda and have a completely different variety of food to choose from. Enjoy everyday favorites and Spectacular Vegas style dining. Also a different variety of foods, lots to choose from. Guests can have a great prime rib without waiting at an a la carte restaurant.

Tikal Buffett

Tikal Buffet: International dining, Italian, Mexican, Steakhouse
La Hacienda: Churrasqueria (Brazilian ) Spanish, Oriental
Kabah buffett(Riviera)

Breakfast: 7:00 am to 10:30 am

Lunch: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Gluten Corner

Kabah & La Hacienda – 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Tikal – 6:30 pm till 10:30 pm

Gran Azul and la laguna
Continental breakfast: 11:00 to 11:45
Lunch:12:00 to 3 pm
Snack time: 3 to 4 pm

A la carte Restaurant Hours

5:30 to 10 pm
El Jardin and Punt Emilia
6 to 10 pm


Marenostrum |Portofino |
Punta Emilia | El Dorado
Ribs n More | Sumptuori |
Sushi |
La Adelita |
Vegetarian Menu, a la carte restaurants. | Veggie burger will be available at the Ribs and More ala carte and also the two beach bars: Punta Emilia (WS) and the Colonial Beach Bar

Gluten Free Menu

Allergie Cards

Raggs a la carte Children Menu

Adults only a la carte on a rotating basis. Guests can check with guest services, also the bulletin boards. Subject to change

*La Lola Tapas *

Royal Yucatán Dining
If you are a guest of the Royal Yucatan Suites, be sure you dine in El Jardin! Lobster entrees are served at no charge El Jardin. Grilled lobster is served daily along with lobster salad (called ‘Rivera salad’) and lobster soup. If you have a hardy appetite, you may also order surf & turf, grilled lobster and steak (T-bone, shell or rib eye). Depending on availability Lobster is available nightly at no charge. On Fridays, Capelline and Lobster Flambé is served and individually prepared tableside. Royal Yucatan Room Service Menu

Royals guests dining at a la carte restaurants may order the “Royal Lobster” or the $35 extra charge lobster entrées ‘Bernardo’ ‘Mole’ Jamaican sauce’ lobster listed on the menu at no charge.

Royal Menus

El Jardin Breakfast Menu

El Jardin All Days

El Jardin Chef’s Martin Night
Chef’s Martin night is on Wednesday, need to be booked a day in advance. Limited number of seating for the people willing to participate in an pre-set menu with the chef Martin, they are seated outside at the terrace.

Daily Fondue Menu
Vegetarian Fondue Mushrooms, Zucchini, Wild Mushrooms, Carrots
Bourguignon Fondue Beef and Chicken pieces with assorted sauces
Cheese Fondue Gruyere Cheese and Emmenthal
Chocolate Fondue Assorted Fruits

Restaurand and Bar Photos

A la carte Dining
The Palladium is now using a pager system for the a la carte dining. All guests now have unlimited a la cartes. If you wish to dine at a particular restaurant you must check in with the manager at that restaurant. You will be informed at that time if there is a sitting available on that night. If there is not an immediate opening you will be given a pager. When a table becomes available your pager will beep and shine for 5 minutes. Your table will be held for 10 minutes and if you have not arrived within this time your table could be assigned to other guests. In order to receive your pager you will be required to leave your room key. In the case of a lost or damaged pager there will be a $100.00 charge assigned to your room.

Reservation Requests Guest Services

Guest Service desk opens at 8AM will close for lunch at 1:30 PM and open again at 2:30 PM.

  • Guests with A la carte reservation privileges, Royal and VIP, Imperial (Air Transat) staying at White Sand(check your package) and Repeat guests may make reservations at any a la carte restaurant and these reservations may be made in advance or with Guest Services, see above. Repeat guests 4-5 stays are allow to reserve 3 a la carte restaurants, 6-7 stays are allow to reserve 5 a la carte restaurants and returning guests with 8 or more stays have unlimited reservation privileges.

If you have a group of ten or more people and you wish to dine together you may make a group reservation with guest services at least 24 hours in advance. The group will all have to select a common entrée and dessert.

Punta Emilia a la carte and Teppanyaki (show cooking) tables at Sumptuori Restaurant, the guest can make the reservations one day before by 1:30 PM with Guest Services. *BBQ check to see what day the BBQ will be held.



Subject to change! To avoid confusion please check with Guest Services for the day.

  • Reservations required at Guest Service desk! A reservation for any of the scheduled night starts the morning prior to the scheduled BBQ. Depending on weddings the day may change.* Also, any beach BBQ will be subject to the weather. There are two seatings, one at 7:00pm and a second at 8:30pm. The only way to know for sure is to check with your guest services kiosk in the lobby. Tables and chairs for four diners are set up on the beach near the snack bars (restrooms are nearby). There is waiter service for drinks and dress is causal. It’s a festive atmosphere with candlelight along with a marimba style band playing. Feel free to dine in your bare feet! Food is grilled outside and served buffet style. The menu consists mostly of grilled food – ribs, chicken, steak, sausage, burgers, hot dogs, etc., along with an assortment of vegetables. There’s also a salad bar, various breads/rolls, and fruits for dessert. There is something for everyone.

Outdoor dining at the beach, men are permitted to wear shorts.

Some of the things on the menu say to be ordered 2 days in advance.
Please contact Guest services and tell them which ala carte you will be eating in
they will make sure that it is there for you. As the company, that supplies G.P with some of its gluten free desserts / pastry / pizza base stuff has to get it sent in.

Please note the a la carte restaurants open at 5:30 pm, El Jardin opens at 6 Pm for dinner

Behind The Scenes

Kitchen tour offered on Wednesday’s 11:30AM

If you have any questions regarding the quality and preparations of the food at the Palladium, please refer to the Behind the Scenes article and see how it is all done!

Management Address on Food and Water

Food and Beverage contacts

GP Colonial

Celia Benito

GP White Sand, Riviera and TRS

Diego Díaz

h1. Bar Menu Resort cocktail menu | Bar Menu | Brands of Liquour courtesy of Berine | spirist to include flavored vodkas The Royal and some of the specialty bars have the Absolute brand while the other bars have the ‘Skol’ brand. Some of the flavors available are vanilla, lemon, orange, pear, peach, grapefruit, citrus, peppermint and raspberry. Subject to change based on distribution The Kantenah’s Hemingways Piano Bar is air conditioned, non-smoking, offers Peti Fours, specialty coffees, premium brands of liquor, cans of Miller available upon request, and also has game/card tables along with a selection of books, open from 6pm-midnight.

Martín Machorro on Piano

Peti Fours Menu

There is a limited continental breakfast available in the Colonial lobby (at the bar) from around 5am primarily for guests with early departures. It includes coffee, teas and pastries (no booze).

Punta Emilia closes around 4:30-5:00pm as it transforms into a full-service ala carte restaurant for the evening 6:pm for dinner.(it reopens as an all-night snack bar after dinner). *Outdoor dining, Men Are permitted to wear shorts for the evening ala carte.

The Grand Azul and La Laguna bars, as well as all the lobby bars have “Tea Time” starting around 3pm. They have an assortment of self-serve pastries and other freshly baked goodies available.

Bar Hours

White Sand Lobby Bar 10am-midnight | Riviera Lobby Bar 10am-midnight | Bar Teatro (by the WS lobby) 8pm-11pm | La Laguna 10am-1am | La Laguna swim-up bar 10am-varies w/season | Punta Emilia beach bar open 24 hours (only beer from 8pm-8am) | Disco bar 11pm-2am | Royal pool Bar ‘La Isla’ 10am-midnight (Royal suite guests only) | Las Rocas pool bar 10am-varies w/season | 4 a la Carte restaurant bars (also open to public) 5:30pm-10pm | Kantenah lobby Bar 10am-midnight | Colonial Lobby Bar 10am-midnight | Churchills cigar bar 6pm- midnight | Hemingways Piano bar (non-smoking bar) 6pm-midnight | Royal Lobby Bar 8am-midnight | Gran Azul swim-up bar 10am-varies w/season | La Plaza theater bar 8:30pm-11pm | Secret Bar (adult pool) 10am-varies | El Ricconcito (old spa bar) 10am-varies | La Jarra Beach Bar 10am-6pm | Colonial Beach Bar 24 hours (beer only 8pm-8am) | Gran Azul 10am-1am

Sports Bar

open from 10am-1am
Kitchen opens at 6pm closes at 1Am


Coffee and Chocolate Menu
Chocolate and Coffee Menu
available at Hemmingway, Churchill and Royal Bars

Salad Bar available Lunch and Dinner

Colonial Beach BarPhoto Credit: Shawn

Beach Bar

Open 24 hours

8 am – 10 pm Full cocktail service

10 pm – 8 am Beer & soft drinks only

Colonial / Punta Emilia – Beach Bar Menu


Made to order items: During the day Punta Emilia – Colonial Items available 24 hours.
Sandwiches beef steak; pork tenderlion; veg; chicken; tuna; ham and cheese
Pizza veg; margarita; hawaiian; salami
Pasta natural; pesto; tomato; bolegnese; carbonara
Deep fried wings | California quesadilla | Cajun chicken burger | Hawaiian burger | Veggie burger | Mexicali burger | Beef or chicken fajitas | Meat nachos | Chicken nuggets | Jalapeno peppers breaded w cheese | Onion rings | Hot dog
Guacamole w panela cheese | French fries with or without cheese

Punta Emilia closes at 4:30-5:00pm as it transforms into a full-service ala carte restaurant for the evening (it reopens as an all-night snack bar after dinner) Reservation required I day in advance.. Outdoor dining, men are permitted to wear shorts.

New grilled fish specialities at the “Punta Emilia” restaurant managed by the spanish Chef José Flores in Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa. Mediterranean gastronomy in the Caribbean!

Hand Dipped Ice Cream flavors

Served at Gran Azul and La Laguna
I cream, dipped and Popsicles served at Bar La Jarra
Special thanks to EileenS for the menu

While in Paradise you may want to celebrate a special event such as an anniversary or birthday or maybe wish to have a romantic setting and dinner to celebrate your engagement. A private and romantic moonlit dinner on the beach can be included in your plans!

Romantic Dinner

Bill & Candy

Romantic Dinner For Two

Wine, Fruit Baskets and Pastry Menus are also available.

Photos courtesy Dan

Paella on the beach lunch open to all on Sundays from noon to 3:00pm on the Colonial beach. This is first come, first served until it is gone. This is not counted as one of your a la cartes.

All- Inclusive…. Tips included?

I was always intrigued by the ‘tips included’ enticement in travel advertisements. But I wondered, how do the workers at resorts get their tips if they’re included in a prepaid resort package??? I decided to do a little research and ask a couple veteran workers (both management and staff) at the Palladium (it’s amazing what you can learn while having a few drinks).

I was told there are some 1300-1600 employees at the Palladium depending upon the season. Almost all of the non-salaried workers belong to a quasi-labor union. The union negotiates with management over how much the resort will contribute to an employee ”tip account” based upon the number of guests staying at the resort. The amount of money deposited in the account varies on a daily basis. The higher the hotel occupancy, the more money deposited in the account – the lower the occupancy the less money. Each worker’s portion is calculated with variables such as job title, experience and seniority factored in. In addition to the “tip account”, each worker earns the legal minimum wage of about 50 pesos A DAY (approx. US$5).

Employees are paid every two weeks. Since most workers do not have bank accounts or a safe place to secure their earnings, they’re issued a MasterCard brand cash card. On payday their earnings are automatically credited to their cards. They can use any ATM to make cash withdrawals or use the card in stores to make purchases. I’m told employees find this a very convenient and secure way to manage their finances.

So how much do workers actually earn per six-day work-week? This was a sensitive subject but from what I could gather it varies from about US$50 to about US$130 depending upon the season. If you think $10 or $20 a day is sufficient wages, then don’t bother to leave an additional tip. However, if you think employees deserve more for their hard work you may want to leave a dollar or two. Remember, if you openly leave a tip on a table/bar, it generally goes into a ‘tip pool’ and is divided equally among the workers at that facility. If you want to reward a specific worker, be sure to discreetly ‘palm’ your tip.
courtesy of TG

We’ll tip the grill guy at lunch or omelet guy at breakfast as well. Look for those who are in positions that probably don’t get a tip. Surprise them if they are doing a good job or a favor for you. Everyone works hard, I have never seen anyone loaf! Lorie (stat2er)

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