Meet the Palladium Addict Team

Meet Our Team
  • Brenda:Founder/ Manager site Administrator & Publisher, Vero Beach, Florida
  • Debbie: Admin Team, Assistant Publisher, Ohio
  • June Willsey, Peoria, Arizona
  • Dan: Admin Team Assistant, Toronto, Canada
  • Mark: Admin Team Assistant, Texas
  • Shawn: Admin Team Assistant Publisher, British Columbia, Canada
  • Brian IT Assistant, Huntington Station, NY
Forum Moderators
  • Jeff – Illinois, USA
  • June – Arizona, USA
  • Doug – Ontario, Canada
  • Dave – Ontario, Canada
    Facebook and Forum Moderators
  • Pierre Bourdages(Pedro) – French Translator, Montreal, Quebec
  • FrancinePatenaude – French Translator, Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu, Quebec
  • Brian Canty, NY, USA
  • June Willsey, Peoria, Arizona
  • Shawn Overend, Vancouver, British Colombia

The Grand Palladium Hotels and Resorts have become a second home to many of us. The beauty of the resorts and the friendly and professional staff of the Grand Palladium stirred Brenda to create the original Palladium Addict site. It began as the first Palladium forum and has grown since its conception. Brenda brought all of us on board to help keep this site on an even keel due to the rapidly increasing membership. It should be noted that this site has no “professional affiliation” with the management of the resort, just a good rapport. We are totally a volunteer group. This site is solely a travel information and community site promoting travel and good will. It is an information source for people to share insight, tips, suggestions, finds and fun information related to our favorite resorts “The Grand Palladium” and all that it takes to make everyone’s vacations extra special.

We do not outsource any portion of this site and it is the collective gathering of the Palladium Addict members that bring this information to you. The Managing Team of this group is simply the vehicle that brings together and organizes the information that you, our members, provide. We strive to be accurate and are always open to suggestions, criticisms, and improvements. Over the years we have compiled gigabytes of pictures and information and our wish is to share this with fellow travelers. We hope that our present members continue to enjoy and contribute to the site. It is our wish that new members will benefit from the experiences of our present membership.

Membership is Free and the Benefits are Endless! To join just register | forum and post your questions and comments. When you get back from your trip, don’t forget to post your trip reports!

Team and members at the Palladium Addict Games

Palladium Addicts on the beach

Photo courtesy of Susan

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