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Behind the Scenes

What are the differences between the different sections of the resort?
The Grand Palladium Resort has done a fantastic job in incorporating this resort complex into the existing lovely natural setting. They have taken great pride to keep the natural jungle setting and the flora and fauna that goes with it.

Nice to see that modern technology can live in harmony with the environment at this resort. They take great pride in this and will let the natural environment heal and rebuild itself after any storm damage. It is such a pleasure to be able to hear the birds singing and seeing all sorts of wildlife in their natural habitat while vacationing in Paradise. This resort complex is also close to a variety of excursions for everyone’s tastes. Any area that you chose, you will be very happy with, and you get to explore and use all sections of the resort. It is amazing and a lot of fun. And if you get “walked out”, there is always the train or the golf carts to give you a ride. The staff are the friendliest people.

Great ecological paths throughout the whole resort. The most incredible selection of scrumptious food. Great activities. Great shopping. Kids Club, kids waterpark. Zentropia Spa, which offers a wide variety of free facilities as well as spa services. There is so much to see and do at the resort itself, that you don’t even feel like you are missing out on anything if you don’t leave the grounds. See first hand why we all love to refer to the Grand Palladium Resort as our Home Away From Home.

Do I have access to the whole complex?

You have access to everything in the whole complex ( White Sand, Colonial and Kantenah section), this include buffet and a-la-carte restaurants, bars, pools, etc
The only thing you do not have access to is the Royal Suite area (which includes a la carte restaurants, Pools, Royal beach area on the Kantenah beach).

What’s included?

Five buffets | Nine ulimited a la cartes | 26 bars | Two theaters, include Chic Cabaret Dinner Theatre | state-of-the-art spa and gym | discothéque | sports bar | athletic field | tennis courts | minature golf | 11 pools(waterpark) | teen center/kids club | water sports | shops | Free WiFi in all lobbies | Internet |

Can I book directly with the Palladium?
Yes, You can book on their Palladium Hotel Group Website but you may find lower rates using a travel agent or on-line reseller. Palladium offers Best Price Guarantee

What Credit Cards are accepted?
Visa, Master Card , American Express and Discover.

How do I contact Public Relations?
You can email Guest Services, Public Relations.

Connect with the resort

How to adjust thermostat?
(provided by one of our Palladium addict members)

  • Enfriamiento = cooling | ventilacion = just fan | apagado = off | alta = high | media = medium | Baja = low

Recommend set to enfriamiento and auto and 22c for 74F (use up and down arrows) and press set

Where can I find some useful Spanish phrases?
Right here

I would like to get married at the resort, whom do I contact ?
Have a look at our Wedding page

Can I use walkie talkies in Mexico?
Yes, but please read this

Does the resort offer a Catholic Mass?
Yes, Catholic Mass takes place in the church, La Iglesia De Nuestra Senora De Las Nieves located next to the Colonial lobby Saturday and Sunday at 5pm

Does the resort accept spring breakers?
The following is a direct quote from Felipe ( Operations and Product Director – Vacational Americas): We don’t accept spring breakers but that means we do not admit groups of young people without their parents of other “responsible” relatives. Of course this is a family resort and during spring time many of them will come with their teen sons or with sons that are studying in the college. This is why you can see many young people during that time. As you probably know there are hotels in Cancun that work a lot with this market but it is not the point the Riviera Maya and we totally agree with this. There are chains that, if I am not wrong, are not accepting these guests neither but this is not our case.

Does the resort offer beach towels?
Yes, each guest will be given a towel card
Towel huts are located at Colonial, WS Pools, Bar La Jarra Kantenah beach, La Rocas salt water pool. Towel exchanges are also now located at the “Rinconcito Pool” in Kantenah/Colonial, the “Adults Pool,” the “Isla” pool in White Sand, and TRS Yucatan Suites Pools. The ‘towel huts’ are open from 8am till 8pm in the summer and 8am till 6pm in the winter.

TRS Yucatan and VIP guests will not need nor be given a towel card.

What are the check-in and checkout times?

Check-in time is 3p.m. If your room is made-up you will be allowed to check-in early. Check-out time is noon on the day of your departure. You may be allowed a late checkout depending upon availability and with an extra charge. You need to notify upon check-in. Late check out charge until 4pm is $40USD and until 6pm is $60USD. After 6pm is subject to a full night stay at the rack rate price.

Can I check out the night before I leave?
Yes, you may check out and settle your account between 7pm and midnight the evening before leaving. Be sure to turn in your towel cards and get a “check out pass” that you’ll need for the bell captain before being allowed to depart.

Are there changing rooms at the resort for early arrivals and late departures? Where can I keep my personal belongings?

Yes Shower Rooms with entrance to shower

What is the proper attire at the resort?

  • Beach Bars*: Swim suits and cover ups are fine.
  • Gran Azul and La Laguna* (the restaurants by the pools): Bathing suits are acceptable but must have a cover up and wear shoes/flip flops.

  • Enclosed Buffets * Shorts, skorts, capris, anything casual is fine. Men should not wear sleeveless shirts.

A la Carte Attire

The a la cartes attire for men and teens, Bermuda shorts ok, no cargo with large pockets (i.e. dockers) and shoes/sandals; shirt with a sleeve ( i.e. polo/tropical shirts, short sleeve shirts are perfectly fine). A collar is not required.

PLEASE NOTE… Chic Cabaret, men are required to wear long pants, dress sandals are ok

  • Women may wear capris, sun dresses, shoes/sandals. Heels are not recommended, though, as they may get caught in the wooden planks on the bridges through the jungle area. Children under 12 may wear good shorts to the a la cartes.

Does the resort rent Long pants?
Yes at the Colonial Reception. The charge to rent pants for your entire stay is $20.00. Your money will be returned when you return the pants.

Are passes available for friends staying at other hotels and would like to visit me?

Yea, Both Day Passes (9am till 6pm) and Night Passes (6pm till 2am) are available at $80 for adults day pass and $90 night pass. Prices subject to change Day Passes are for the Grand Palladium Resort, Colonial, Kantenah, White Sand, only NOT the TRS Yucatán. Children 3-13 years old are half price. With a night pass the dinner included is in the buffet not in the a la carte restaurants and the teenagers under 18 will not have alcoholic drinks and they are not allowed to go in to the discotheque or spa.

To receive a pass you have to enter and pay the pass fee at the front desk of the Colonial. If you wish you can confirm the day you want the pass with (Front Desk Manager) in advance and they can inform the security department. *note that an ID (passport)will be require as a deposit, when they checkout the ID will be provide it back.
Gerente de Recepción/Front Office Manager* Contactby email

What are the different color wristbands?

  • Gold for VIPs, Visiting Palladium Managers, Owner’s Friends (based on the General Manager decision)
  • Red Repeat Guests, Travel Agents, Special Occasions.
  • Purple Kantenah, Colonial, White Sand guests.
  • Green guests under 18.
  • Transat – Imperial Club

There will be 2 different colors of bracelets for TRS guests and PTC Members
Smart bracelets , different colors and logo, according to members or regular guests or VIP.

Bands are water proof and will be able to hold your restaurant reservation, to eliminate the tickets

  • Grey for TRS regular guest
  • Black for TRS VIP
  • White for PTC regular member
  • Black for PTC VIP member

Does the resort have a photographer?
Yes, Kantenah lobby
Contact email:

Is there a doctor at the resort?
Yes, medical office located in the Colonial lobby. Regular office hours are 9am – 2pm and 4pm – 8pm. During non-office hours contact reception for 24-hour medical assistance. Their professional services are not included in the all-inclusive plan. Payment by cash or credit card will be required.

Does the resort have cribs?


Does the resort offer wheelchairs?
The resort has them, but we keep them for emergencies, inside the resort. We have an external Clinic Assist that offer wheelchair per 30 USD per day (it is necessary as well a guaranty of 300 USD). Guest will need to go directly to the Doctors office, located in the Colonial side lobby. Doctors attending time is from 9a.m to 2p.m and for 4 to 8p.m.

Beach wheelchair

Located at Dive Center, Colonial beach, No charge, ID and room key required.

Beach walkway for disabled

Does the resort offer snorkel gear?
You can find the equipment at the water sports center in the Colonial section of the beach between Las Olas beach bar and Travel Club members area. Time is limited to one to two hours depending on season. You will need to provide your room key for deposit.

Does the resort have a pillow menu?

Yes, pillow menu

Is laundry service available?
Yes, In your closet you’ll find a laundry prices and a plastic laundry bag. Subject to change

The clothes will be returned in 24-hours. They also offer express same day service for an additional charge. Check out “the laundry mat” in the Behind the scenes article.

Do I need local currency?
With a very few exceptions, U.S. dollars are accepted just about everywhere. The Palladium’s front desks offer a currency exchange at the rate. For a more advantageous exchange rate use one of the 5 ATM machines on-site, cash given in pesos. Two ATM machines on – site Colonial lobby/Riviera lobby dispenses US dollars. The Palladium will cash your travelers checks, currency given in Pesos. Currency conversion.

Is there Internet?
Yes! All the lobbies, rooms.

  • The wi-fi has limited range with some dead spots. If you have a weak signal either change your location by a few feet or change networks.
  • The free WiFi speed is .5Mbps = 512 kbps in all the rooms, lobbies, bars etc. for emails and Skype.
    For premium 1 Mbps = 1024 kbps WiFi in the rooms
    Prices for Premium WiFi – 1 Mbps ( download files etc. )
    1 day – 14.99 USD
    2 days – 24.99 USD
    3 days – 29.99 USD
    Week – 59.99 USD
  • TRS receive free premium WiFi at the Royal Suites Yucatan resort only*

subject to change

Purchase Process

Is there a Internet Cafe?
Check locations GP resorts. TRS and TC have computers

The Palladium even has a computer geek on staff who will assist you with any serious problems — for free.

What do we do in case of severe weather such as a hurricane?
In case of an alarm, the resort has shelters available. Executive personnel and hotel management will inform guests of the measures and procedures established. Detailed information will be provided through channel 2 on your TV. Click on these links for more information: Hurricane Information and
Grand Palladiums Hurricane Policy

What if a power failure occurs?
In case of emergency, the resort has its own back-up power generators. Check out “in the heart of the matter” in the Behind the scenes article.

Will my cell phone work in Mexico?
During the past year many new cell towers have been added along the Cancun/Tulum corridor and service has improved dramatically. Unfortunately not all cell phone carriers have service available. Check with your provider in advance. (Verizon works very well at the Palladium.)

Does the beach have lifeguards on duty?
Yes, lifeguards are on duty from 9am to 6pm.

What do the different beach flags mean?

  • Black Flag* The highest warning level, indicating real danger. Do not swim!
  • Red Flag* Dangerous conditions! Only swim with much caution.
  • Yellow Flag* No immediate danger, but use caution while swimming.
  • Green Flag* Water conditions are safe and ok to swim.

What is a collectivo?
They are 12 passenger vans that travel between Playa del Carmen and Tulum picking-up and discharging passengers along the way. There are collectivo stops directly in front of the Palladium entrance and one on the opposite side of the highway. Fares range from $2.00 to 3.00 (USD). Price subject to change Pay as you exit the Collectivo in either pesos or dollars. They run from 5:00am to 10:00pm every 5 to 15 minutes. The rate is fixed so if you only go 1 km you still pay the full fare.

Is there a car rental agency at the resort?
Yes, car rental desk in the lobby.

  • The rental agent is EuropCar, and they are located in the Colonial and White Sand lobbies. Insider tip – if you book it for Tuesday, pick up the car on Monday at 5 pm, and the car is due back on Wednesday at 8 am as a one day rental.

Where can I catch a taxi?
Taxis are readily available almost everywhere a tourist goes. You can ask for a taxi in the lobby of any area of the resort.

Subject to change

Can I purchase calling cards at the resort?
Yes, there are vending machines in the lobbies and designated phones that will accept the cards.

What hours do the pontoon boats run?
Pontoon Boat tour : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12:30 to 8:00p.m/ Wednesday, Saturday, 8:00a.m to 8:00p.m with no charge. Subject to change

Is transportation available around the resort?
There are several diesel powered “trains” that operate from approximately 8am till 2am. Each “train” has a capacity of up to 50 passengers. They circle the entire resort making stops along the way. Their frequency and routes vary with the time of day. There are also 8-10 passenger electric golf carts available.

How much cash should we bring with us?
Since your vacation is already pre-paid, not that much. At the Palladium you’ll only need cash for tips and small incidentals. Generally 100 to 300 US dollars in singles and small bills will be sufficient (depending on length of stay and number of family members). If you plan on using a private transfer, shopping in town, or taking some side trips, bring additional funds and/or a credit card. If you find yourself running low on cash, you can always make a withdrawal from one of the two ATMs on site.

What are the safe dimensions?

  • 13 1/2” or 34 cm wide, 12 3/4” or 32.5 cm deep, 5 1/2” or 14.5 cm high

What is the mangrove?
The “swamp like sulfur smell” mentioned by some, comes from the Mangrove, the aquatic forest ecosystem, vital to the life of the coast, reef, and food chain to most of the wildlife you see along the coast of Riviera Maya and at GP itself. Referred to by some guests as ‘the jungle”, mangrove is made up of over two dozen varities of tropical maritime trees or shrubs that send out many prop roots and form dense tangled, low canopy growth, most observable from the covered walkways throughout GP. In 2005 Hurricanes Emily and Wilma damaged much of the mangrove in the immediate area of GP. The sulfur like swamp smell (often referred d to as sewage smell) experienced by some, is the result of the natural restoration process of the mangrove.

The relationship between mangroves and their associated marine life cannot be overemphasized. Mangroves provide protected nursery areas for fishes, crustaceans, and shellfish. They also provide food for a multitude of marine species such as snook, snapper, crab, tarpon, jack, sheepshead, red drum, oyster, shrimp and lobsters. Mexicos important recreational and commercial fisheries would drastically decline without healthy mangrove forests acting as a filter and a nursery. Many animals find shelter either in the roots or branches of mangroves. Mangrove branches are rookeries, or nesting areas, for beautiful coastal birds such as pelicans and spoonbills.

As visitors to the Riviera Maya we need to remember we are in a tropical environment, an eco system, dangerously close to being destroyed by the onslaught of building taking place along hwy 307. As guests to GP we should understand and enjoy the environmental process that is going on around us and do our part to leave it undisturbed.

Can I view turtles nesting while I am there?
The Kantenah bay is a protected area for turtles. There is a biologist that patrols the beach every night to ensure the turtles are not bothered. If a turtle realizes there is someone close to them they will not nest. Once they are nesting they will not stop but if they see anyone close to where they want to nest, they simply don’t do it. The resort has security staff by the beach and they will not allow anyone to approach the turtles with any type of light. As a matter of fact, most of the lights by Punta Emilia or the Beach Bar at the Colonial and also some wooden bridges will be shut off from May to the end of October.

Food & Beverage

What is Chic Cabaret and is there a charge?
The Chic Cabaret is an energetic dinner show that is sure to be the highlight of your vacation at the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya or TRS Yucatan.

Pre – dinner show entertainment, appetizers and cocktails start at 7 courtyard outside the theater. Entrance starts at 8:00 pm. Your first appetizer is served the moment you sit, during the show you are served with delicious plates and dinner finishes at 11:00 pm when the show ends, to continue dancing with wonderful music at the bar outside until 2:00 am.

Guests Staying at TRS Yucatan, VIP and Travel Club Members of the appropriate levels have access included. Inquire with your butler for your reservation and menu choices.

All other guests staying at the Grand Palladium Colonial, Kantenah and White Sand Resorts can purchase tickets to the Chic Cabaret Dinner Theater for $100 per person. The whole experience is from 8 p.m. to 2.a.m. Inquire with Guest Services or the Front Desk. The menu is preset, you must pre select your choices from the option provided at time of reservation.

Men are required to wear long pants, dress sandals are ok

How many ala carte reservations will I get?
The Palladium is now using a pager system for the a la carte dining. All guests now have unlimited a la cartes. If you wish to dine at a particular restaurant you must check in with the manager at that restaurant. You will be informed at that time if there is a sitting available on that night. If there is not an immediate opening you will be given a pager When a table becomes available your pager will beep and shine for 5 minutes. Your table will be held for 10 minutes and if you have not arrived within this time your table could be assigned to other guests.

In order to receive your pager you will be required to leave your room key. In the case of a lost or damaged pager there will be a $100.00 charge assigned to your room. TRS guests may make reservations at any a la carte restaurant and these reservations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance. If you have a group of ten or more people and you wish to dine together you may make a group reservation with guest services at least 24 hours in advance. The group will all have to select a common entre and dessert.

Royal’s guest; Palladium Travel Club members, Imperial Club’s guest (Air Transat), VIP guests continue to reserve._ Information provided by José Luis Caneiro Rey, Grand Palladium Director /General Manager

How can I make my group dining reservation?
They must be made in person at the guest services desk in the Colonial or Riviera lobbies, or by your concierge if a Royal guest. The guest services desks are open daily from 8am to 1:30pm and 2:30pm to 9:30pm. Check out the Restaurant Guide for more information.

Reservation Requests Guest Services

Guest Service desk will close for lunch at 1:30p.m and open again at 2:p.m.

TRS guests may make reservations at any a la carte restaurant and these reservations may be made in advance. Your butler will make your reservations.

Guests with A la carte reservation priviliges can make the reservation when they want. Please note reservations on the same day must be done before 1:30p.m. After 2:30p.m reservation may be made for your following days.

If you have a group of ten or more people and you wish to dine together you may make a group reservation with guest services at least 24 hours in advance. The group will all have to select a common entrée and dessert.*

Does the resort offer Room Service?

Yes, room service is free of charge for all guests. Service is from 11a.m – 11p.m.
TRS Yucatan and Travel Club room service is 24 hours.

Does the Palladium have a wine menu?
Yes, there is a wine list and other amenities. Please refer to the menu
Amenities – Amenities
How are food allergies dealt with ?
There is a great buffet selection available for all kind of taste and diet. There are fresh salads, fruits, rice, bread, different kinds of sausages, hams, etc. We are pretty sure that you will always find an option. It is very important that you advise our Public Relations Desk about your food allergy.

We have implemented, in all our destinations, a procedure to take care of guests with food allergies, since celiac to those who suffer from nuts allergies. Contact us before your arrival we will explain how to proceed. On arrival we will give you a card (different according to the allergy) with some instructions. Our staff will be trained to assist them at any time. We have our Staff available to help you at the Buffets and Restaurants (Restaurant Manager). For more information regarding food quality and preparation, please refer to the Behind the Scenes Article.. Also check out Management Address Concerns on Food and Water

Is the milk they serve pasteurized?
Yes, ultra-pasteurized and needs no refrigeration until opened.

Does the resort have Soy Milk?
You will need to contact the resort with your arrival date and they will make sure it’s there for you. email

When are the evening beach BBQ’s?
Check with Guest Services for day. Any beach BBQ will be subject to the weather. There are two seatings, one at 7:00pm and a second at 8:30pm. The only way to know for sure is to check with your guest services kiosk in the lobby. A reservation for any of the scheduled night starts the morning prior to the scheduled BBQ. Tables and chairs for four diners are set up on the beach near the snack bars (restrooms are nearby). Subject to change

There is waiter service for drinks and dress is causal. It’s a festive atmosphere with candlelight along with a marimba style band playing. Feel free to dine in your bare feet! Food is grilled outside and served buffet style. The menu consists mostly of grilled food – ribs, chicken, steak, sausage, burgers, hot dogs, etc., along with an assortment of vegetables. There’s also a salad bar, various breads/rolls, and fruits for dessert. There is something for everyone.

Is there a paella beach lunch?
There is a Paella on the beach lunch open to all on Sundays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on the Colonial beach. This is Paella until it is gone.

Is smoking permitted in the restaurants and buffets?
Smoking is not permitted inside any of the eateries. Designated areas are provided outside lobbies.

What is the legal drinking age in Mexico ?
Eighteen years old. All minors will receive a special color wristband alerting bartenders of their non-drinking status.

What type of beer is served at the resort?

Draft Sol and DosXX dark are served at all bars and restaurants. Bottled Sol and Superior beers are stocked in your room mini-bar refrigerator. The Royal Suites lobby bar offers bottled Sol, Superior, DosXX dark and Bohemia, plus canned Miller and Heineken beers. TRS pool bars offers draft Sol and DosXX dark as well as canned Miller and Heineken.
At the TRS, the guest can find this beer inside the minibar in the room and of course at the Bars (pool and reception).

Does the resort have high chairs?

Can you bring strollers into restaurants?
Yes, but if space is limited, you might be asked to leave it at the entrance.

Resort Activities

Does the resort have a Spa, Fitness and Sports Center?

Zentropia Spa

Where can I find information on Aqua Excursions?
Aqua Excursions Contact (+52)984080208325 Toll Free – 01 800 701 2100 Contact by email:

What are the pool hours?

  • El Gran Azul Main Pool* – Summer 8:p.m | Winter 6:00p.m
  • White Sand Main Pool* – Summer 8:00p.m | Winter 6:00p.m
  • Adult Pool Secret Pools (Colonial & White Sand)* – Summer and Winter Midnight
  • Kantenah El Rinconcito* – Summer 8:00p.m| Winter 6:00p.m
  • Salt water Pool Las Rocas* – Summer 10:00p.m | Winter 10:00p.m
  • Spa pool Adults only* – Summer 9:00p.m | Winter 9:00p.m
  • Royal Suites Adults only pool and Royal Yucatan* – Midnight
  • Kids pools Colonial & White Sand*- Summer 8:00 pm | Winter 6:00 pm

Subject to change

What are the gym hours?
7am-9pm Daily

Does the resort offers fitness classes?
Yes, Gym Hours: 7:am to 9:pm. There are fitness classes somewhat like aerobics, Monday at 9:00 a.m on the Kantenah beach, and Wednesday and Friday at 5:00p.m at the gym in the spa (before fitness class). Fitness class are everyday at 6:00p.m in the spa.

Where can I watch major sporting events from back home?
The new air-conditioned Sports Bar has a number of monitors showing many international sporting events via satellite TV.

Does the resort have English TV Programs?
Yes! TV Guide 1| TV Guide 2 | TV Channel Listings

At what age may my child use Archery & rifle shooting?
The Age for Rifle shooting and Archery is 12 yrs old, with parent/adult until they are 19yrs old.

Does the resort offer babysitting services?
Yes, babysitter service offered by the hotel is NOT a professional service; it is made up by select individuals who work in the hotel. Contact Guest Relations upon arrival for more information. Please contact one day prior to service. Cost is $15.00 per hour per child.
Rules and Policies RM Babysitting

Does the resort have a disco?
Yes, the disco hours for adults are from 11pm to 2am. Teen hours are from 9pm to 10:30pm and are subject to change depending on the season.

What is there to do on a rainy day?
In the rare event of a rainy, non-beach day, most activities move indoors to the lobbies, theaters and even the disco. The Palladium’s “Fun Team” has a number of organized activities planned from morning to late afternoon to keep you busy. It’s also a good day to visit the new Sports Bar – or any of the bars.

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