What is a colectivo ?

A colectivo is a form of transportation in Mexico that is generally geared towards moving the population around Mexico’s vast labyrinth of roads and highways. Quite often the colectivo is a mini-van. On the Highway 307 when a colectivo approaches he will flash his headlights if he has space in his van. If you want a ride wave your arm and he will stop. You can tell the driver where you are going BUT do NOT expect him to remember, so keep a sharp eye out for your stop and when you get to it just shout out anything. STOP or Alto will work.

Running Times: 5a.m. – 10p.m every 5 – 15 minutes

NOTE: The rate is fixed so if you only go 1 km you still pay the full fee.

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Taxi Rates

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Taxi rates should always be confirmed with the driver prior to leaving

Information and complaints call: 871 2029 Y 871 2259 Remember to get the number of your taxi



See rates below
Our personal ground transportation is one of the best bargains you will encounter while on your vacation to any of the Mayan Riviera Resorts.
When you arrive to your normal transportation offered, there are buses or vans that are full of other passengers that are going to their resort also. You must wait until the bus or van is full before you depart for your resort. You will be waiting for that couple whose luggage was lost. Depending on where your resort is located you could be in the bus or van for up to 2 or 3 hours waiting to arrive at your resort. With AGI Tours your trip to the Grand Palladium will be approximately 60 minutes.
Most travel packages include transportation to your resort, but there is no way of knowing in advance if you will get a private van or a big tour bus. If it’s a large bus it will take an hour or more just to fill up the bus and get ready to leave the airport.
With AGI Tours, you will be at the hotel enjoying a ‘mojito’ or a ‘pina colada’ long before the tour buses even leave the airport. You will also beat the line up to check in that is generated by a bus load of vacationers.
AGI Tours qualified and friendly staff will meet and greet you at the airport(see rates below) and drive you safely and non-stop to your hotel. Caution: There is certain Internet transportation providers that sell ground transportation based on a charge per person, not per vehicle as with AGI Tours. Those are typical airport shuttle with other passengers.
We are all day checking the flights online and updating our staff at the airport, especially when we find out that there is a delay, in such case we also call the airline for more accurate information, therefore you have nothing to worry about but to have a good rest and relax on your flight. Have for sure that we will be there waiting for you upon your arrival.
On the other hand, some flights are delayed because of maintenance and we don’t find out about the delay until it’s the supposed time to arrive, in those cases if you get to your airport and find out that there is a delay I will appreciate you take a minute to call me toll free 1-877-244-6090 or to our new number in USA 941-AGI-TAXI to give me your new flight information and/or ETA. Either way we will always have staff at the airport until the last flight arrives and all of our passengers have been dispatched. For cancelled or diverted flights we ABSOLUTELY NEED updated information, your phone call will help us to serve you better.
If you elect to use AGI Tours private transportation(see rates below) you will be driven directly to your resort without ANY ADDITIONAL STOPS. This could save you one to two hours of precious vacation time. For your return trip wholesalers will pick you up 4 to 5 hours before your flight departure, specially taking into consideration that your resort is one of the farthest from the airport. You can be sure that the bus will stop at several resorts before arriving at the airport. With AGI Tours you will be picked up at any time you choose to go back to the airport and we will go directly to the airport.
We are your best option, not only for your arrival and departure transfers, but also for your private tours to the Mayan Ruins, Ecological sites, shopping, etc. AGI Tours will customize your services at your leisure.
One of the newest members of the AGI fleet:

As you may see, we want for you only the best, so we are replacing all of our old vehicles into brand new Mercedes Benz Sprinter with DVD. Soon we will be the only company in Cancun with standardized vehicles for your comfort.

We are als o available for private tours, tailor-made at your leisure, just email us and let us know what places you would like to visit and we will send you a quote immediately.
When you send an email please use your regular Internet service provider’s domain. There have been problems with SBCGlobal, Comcast and Yahoo mail user accounts not getting my replies to your inbox. Please add AGI’s email to your account.
AGI Tours offers professional licensed tour guides certified by the Mexican Tourism Board and drivers holding special licenses issued by the Ministry of Transportation & Communication of Mexico. Our friendly staff will attend to every detail of your visit and ensure a safe, fun and informative personalized tour.
Season Special (April- May 2019)
Purchase your return transfers with AGI Tours and get Tax Free services on any of our Private Tour Packages & Transfers to everyone going to the 14th Annual Get Together. Please let me know which of them you are interested in so I can send you a quote.
Current prices since 2013 between the Cancun Airport and the Grand Palladium / Prices are per vehicle, not per person
1 – 2 passengers $70.00 USD one way / $130.00 USD return.
3 – 4 passengers $80.00 USD one way / $150.00 USD return.
5 – 7 passengers $90.00 USD one way / $170.00 USD return.
8 – 9 passengers $100.00 USD one way / $190.00 USD return.
10 – 12 passengers $150.00 USD one way / $290.00 USD return.
13 – 16 passengers $160.00 USD one way / $310.00 USD return.

Due to the 2014 tax law in Mexico imposed a 16% sales tax on ground transportation, in AGI Tours we are doing an effort and we are keeping our old rates: We will continue absorbing the constantly increased operating costs but there’s not much we can do about the tax so far. I will keep you posted about it if there is any change. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Looking forward to receiving your reservations.
How to contact us

Headquarters 998-887-6967 or

24 Hour Manager. 998-845-7161

Toll free from United States and Canada 1- 877-244-6090

Toll free number when in Mexico 01-800-505-1140

Email us at: or Fill out a web reservation form at AGI Reservations
For more information check out our own website


WARNING: There are illegal transporters at the airport and we call them “PIRATES”… they will lie to you saying that we’re not there but they can “help you”… they will pretend to call us while in fact they are calling a minion and over the phone they will tell you to trust them… PLEASE DON’T…if they ask you for any money “to be refunded” by your hotel or Travel Agency, they ARE NOT AGI Tours staff. Please call me personally if that happens (not through them): 521-998-845-7161.

For our Canadian Addicts we can take your CAN dollar at the Exchange rate of the day in US Dollar, pay in Canadian Dollars in cash upon arrival. Discount is 5% savings on cash upon arrival.
P.A. discount, to everyone that contact us through email address we have a 5% discount on the round trip services, an additional 5% if they pay by sending a check to our bank in Miami or Wire Transfer.
5% by paying as well with Visa or MasterCard and an additional 5% (10% total) if paid in cash upon arrival.
Payment (For your comfort now we have these options for you)
1. Please call me toll free (1-877-244-6090 from USA & Canada) for your Visa or MasterCard charge.
2. Call to our number in USA: 941-AGI-TAXI.
3. Save 5% By sending a check payable to Francisco Javier Gonzalez Gomez to the following bank/address (once you send it please let me know so I can confirm with the bank):
City National Bank of Florida
446 Collins Avenue,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139.
In the reverse of the check write: For deposit to Francisco Javier Gonzalez Gomez, Account Number: 13003735725
4. We can send you a PayPal or go directly to our web site.
5. Cash in full upon arrival, your driver will give you a voucher for the return leg, please let me know what’s best for you.
Due to new regulation in Mexico, for safety reasons all passengers need a seat including children. We will continue providing booster seats and baby seats upon request, without extra charge.
For those clients who want a “pit stop” at the near by 7-11, there is no extra charge (except on Saturdays at the rush hours) or for those clients who want a “shopping stop” in Playa del Carmen, we will happily do it (except on Saturdays), up to 30 minutes without extra charge. Please let us know ahead of time.
We will continue serving you with our best efforts, striving for excellence all the time, with our courteous drivers, our staff at the airport, and, of course my personal attention to all the details of your services for your comfort. It is most important that all of our Palladium Addicts Family members know that we are investing in brand new vehicles for your comfort.
Best regards to all of you,


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