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What’s your favorite spot at the Palladium? There are currently 5 webcams to give you your daily views of Paradise!

HD Webcam

Webcam Azul

This webcam is perched on top of the roof of the Gran Azul outdoor pool buffet (Colonial) shooting the middle half of the Colonial main pool and bridge.

Webcam El Rinconcito

This webcam is pointed at the small El Rinconcito pool located at the Kantenah resort section (in front of villas #46-47).

Webcam Playa Kantenah
This webcam can be a bit confusing as it actually is mounted on the Colonial lifeguard tower and is shooting some of the Colonial beach section of the resort (lounge chairs on the beach, sports rental equipment, and the general swimming area). The entire beach that runs along the resort is actually named Kantenah Beach but people call the Colonial end “Colonial beach” section and the Kantenah end is known as “Kantenah Beach” section.

Webcam TRS

Infinity pool

Webcam TRS

Webcam Playa de La Jarra

This webcam is mounted on the 2nd lifeguard tower closer to the Kantenah end of the beach. They named the webcam after the La Jarra beach bar which is the small bar located at the end of the Kantenah beach which serves Kantenah beach guests as well as the private Royal beach section Royal guests. Webcam shows some of the Kantenah section of the beach and the general swimming area for that section.

Twelfth get together Wave

Palladium Addicts 12TH Annual Get Together Evening Webcam Wave 2017

Members waving

Akumal Underwater webcam

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